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 <​code>​ <​code>​
-**Document: ID=example.txt (2 sentences, 13 tokens)** +Document: ID=example.txt (2 sentences, 13 tokens) 
-**Sentence #1 (7 tokens):**+ 
 +Sentence #1 (7 tokens):
 We're not laughing at you. We're not laughing at you.
 [Text=We CharacterOffsetBegin=0 CharacterOffsetEnd=2 PartOfSpeech=PRP] [Text=We CharacterOffsetBegin=0 CharacterOffsetEnd=2 PartOfSpeech=PRP]
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-**Sentence #2 (6 tokens):**+Sentence #2 (6 tokens):
 We're laughing near you. We're laughing near you.
 [Text=We CharacterOffsetBegin=27 CharacterOffsetEnd=29 PartOfSpeech=PRP] [Text=We CharacterOffsetBegin=27 CharacterOffsetEnd=29 PartOfSpeech=PRP]