Digital learning and teaching

Online digital learning and teaching have, for a long time, been a part of our lives as learners and teachers. Yet, since the onset of the Corona pandemic, online learning and teaching resources have proven to be even more valuable and have, indeed, become indispensable. Fortunately, there are many tools and frameworks available that enable and facilitate online content delivery and communication.

In this section of, I am going to share some of my personal lessons learned during my career as a university teacher and give some insights into the learning and teaching infrastructure that drives my daily professional experience. Of necessity, what I am sharing here only reflects my personal views and experiences, but you might still find this useful, so as I do with many tools and processes, I am beginning to document my go-to processes in the form of small practical tutorials that people are welcome to consult and take away what they might usefully incorporate into their own learning and teaching infrastructure. Hope some of you find this useful. Here goes!

My learning and teaching infrastructure

As part of my own after-term reflection, I am sharing here my go-to tools and what I am using them for:

toolused fornot used for
departmental websiteID at department, address / contact informationcontent delivery
e-mailcommunicationcontent delivery, student submissions
learning management system (LMS) (e.g. moodle)e-learning environment: course organisation, content delivery, student submissions, digital exams, course communication: group as as well as individual communicationexam management and registration